How to use Spixi

Thank you for trying Spixi. This guide will help you get started with our decentralized messenger and wallet.

Creating a new account

Spixi guide 1
When you run Spixi for the first time, tap the "New Account" button.
Spixi guide 2
You will need to set your Nickname. Optionally you can add a custom avatar.
Please note that this is only your displayed name to other Spixi users and it is not your "handle". You can always change your Nickname in the settings.
Spixi guide 3
To finish creating your account, enter your encryption password.
Please note that the encryption password will be used to encrypt your Account/Wallet. Should you ever lose your device or need to restore your Spixi Account/Wallet, you will need it along with the Backup File. You can change this password in the settings menu.

Restoring your existing account

Spixi guide 4
Tap the "Restore your Account" button to restore your existing Spixi Account.
Spixi guide 5
Enter the encryption password and select the Backup File that is associated with it. Tap "Restore" button to finish restoring your Spixi Account.
Spixi guide 6
Your Spixi Account is now being restored. You should be ready to go in no time.

Spixi overview

Spixi overview
Opens the Menu sidebar
IxiCash Balance
Displays your current IxiCash balance
Notification Area
Displays your unread notifications
Unread Chats Area
Displays new unread chats
App Navigation
Allows you to quickly navigate through your Home, Chats, Wallet and Contacts screen
"Quick Scan" Button
Turns on the QR scanner. By scanning a Spixi QR code you can quickly add a new contact or send a payment in IxiCash
"Action" Button
The Action button brings up a dialog box, which allows you to:
- add a new contact
- start new chat
- send IxiCash payment
- request IxiCash payment

Menu overview

Spixi guide 7
The sidebar menu will provide access to various settings including your Spixi Address.
Spixi guide 8
"My Spixi Address" screen will display your address along with the QR code. This address is used to identify your account and wallet. Other people can add you as their contact or send you IxiCash by using this address.
Spixi guide 9
All files that you received via Spixi are neatly kept on your "Downloads" screen. Access, view and delete these files with ease.
Spixi guide 10
On "Settings" screen, you can change your displayed image and name. You also have the possibility to delete your account and/or wallet.
Please note that this is only your displayed name to other Spixi users and it is not your "handle". You can always change your Nickname in the settings.
Spixi guide 11
Backing up your Spixi Account and Wallet is important! In case you lose your device or lose access to your account, you will not be able to restore it without the Backup File and the Encryption Password. Download the backup file and keep it safe.
Spixi guide 12
You can change your Encryption Password easily. Please keep in mind that this password is required along with the backup file to restore access to your Spixi account.

How to add or remove a contact

Spixi guide 13
To add a new contact, you can use the "Quick Scan" button to use the QR code or the "Action" button and then selecting "New Contact".
Spixi guide 14
Paste the address in the empty input and then tap "Send Contact Request" button.
Spixi guide 15
To remove a contact go to the "Contacts" screen using the bottom navigation. Select the desired contact to view Contact Details and tap the "Remove Contact" button.
Please note that you can delete the chat history for a specific contact by tapping the "Delete History" button.

How to send IxiCash payment

Spixi guide 16
You can send IxiCash by using the "Quick Scan" button and scanning a QR code that contains another Spixi Wallet address. Alternatively, you can send IxiCash payment by tapping on the "Send" button on the "Wallet" screen.
Spixi guide 17
You can also send IxiCash payment in chat, just as you would send a message. A contact might request a payment, which you can review and pay, or you can send a payment directly to that contact by tapping on "Send" button in additional options menu.
Spixi guide 18
When you proceed to payment, you will notice the recipient/s that you will send a payment to, as well as your current balance. To perform a payment you need to set the amount of IxiCash you would like to send and tap on the "Send Payment" button.

How to request IxiCash payment

Spixi guide 19
You can request or receive payment by tapping on the "Receive" button in your "wallet" screen.
Spixi guide 20
The option to request a payment is available in chat, where you can request a specific amount from any of your contacts directly by tapping on the "Request Payment" button in the additional options menu.
Spixi guide 21
Once you request a payment, "Request Payment" screen will be displayed, where you can set a specific amount of IxiCash you want to request.
Spixi guide 22
To finish the payment request simply tap on the "Send Request" button.

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