Send messages, data and payments.
Private and secure.

Meet Spixi, the blockchain based instant messenger and IxiCash wallet.

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What makes SPIXI instant messenger so special

Spixi is a next generation instant messenger. It utilizes blockchain technology to provide a secure and private chat experience.
No verification, no phone number and no personal data are required to use Spixi.

Key Features of Spixi IM


Spixi is an Open-source software, the source code is freely open and available on our GitHub repository.


No centralized server, no points of failure. Experience direct peer-2-peer data transfer.

Encrypted messaging

All messages are encrypted with the latest encryption methods and stored locally on user's devices.

IxiCash wallet

A secure and easy to use cryptocurrency wallet. Users can easily offer paid services or simply transfer IxiCash.

Always online

The decentralized architecture behind Spixi allows for a virtually no downtime service. As long as you and your counterpart have internet connection, you will always be able to chat and exchange data. There are no central points of failure.

Security and Privacy

Data, which is transferred between users is stored locally on the user's device. By using state-of-the-art encryption methods, SPIXI is ideal for corporations, governments, enterprises and users who value privacy and security. It's the perfect tool when these requirements are essential.

Spixi Privacy
IxiCash wallet

IxiCash Wallet

Spixi Instant Messenger includes a secure and easy to use cryptocurrency wallet. Use it to send and receive IxiCash as easy as sending a message.

Send and receive IxiCash
Monitor your balance and activity
Generate new addresses
Set transaction fee policy
Send multiple payments within a single transaction

Download Spixi for Android devices and Windows PC.
Chat with friends and family, and send or receive IxiCash to your wallet.


Development Roadmap

Spixi is now available for use. We are constantly developing Spixi and adding new features.
The future updates will include some major features such as file transfer, voice and video chat and group messaging.

File Transfer
File transfer

Send or receive data, images and videos. Spixi will provide all data transfer functions that you would expect from an instant messenger.

Voice/Video Chat
Voice Chat

Perform voice calls. Utilize the decentralized network for private and secure conversations with your friends and family.

Group Messaging
Group Messaging

Create or join group messages, organize your friends, coworkers and family. Make the most of your Spixi experience.

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